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Saturday, September 11, 2004
I'm feeling pretty happy. Just finished watching Bad Boys II on the widescreen with the surround sound turned up all the way. Man.

Well a little has happened since June. Went sailing for the first time. That was a fucking blast. We are blessed to have really good friends that invite us along on their fun trips. Didn't get seasick once, and smoked more than one cigar laying on the deck living life the way it is meant to be lived.

We (Mostly Stacy) is decorating the house and doing a terrific job. It's slow going mostly cuz of our schedules and busy summer stuff, but it'll get there.

Stac is doing the Breast Cancer 3-day this weekend. 60 miles in 3 days, she raised over $2,000. Thanks to all who donated, she worked really hard training, and she called me today...she has some major blisters..I'm sure I will be in for some major backrubbing as well :-) I'm proud of my girl..she has the biggest heart of anyone I know.

Fantasy Football is underway, I am the commissioner of a Hospital Pharmacy league...got 11 other people I work with to join up, it should be a freakin fun year. My big names include: Deuce McAllister, Matt Hasselbeck, Stephen Davis and Darrell Jackson. I'm optimistic.

As far as my golf game...started the year a 13.7 HCP index...currently at 12.9. Not much for improvements, but had a blast playing in league on Tuesday nights. If you ever want to find a good way to force yourself to get out of the house, shoot the shit and play golf, league is the way to go.

I really need to take guitar lessons this winter. Maybe then I can play some Garth :-)

Napa Valley in October, Florida in the winter, Washington DC in the spring. Grandpa and I are going together to DC...I think going the WWII memorial with him will be pretty special. I'm sure lucky to still have him around and have such a great relationship.

A shout out to all my bros. Also, sounds like my buddy Mike is going to Iraq. Keep him in your thoughts...he is about the nicest, coolest guy you will ever meet, I'm lucky to know him...

Friday, June 11, 2004
Well I leave for my annual fishing trip tomorrow. Yay!! Just sitting here transferring some mp3's to my pda for some tunage.

I know nobody reading this listens to country, but there are 2 songs I've heard lately that just floor me. First is "Live like you were dyin" by Tim McGraw and the other is "I go Back" by Kenny Chesney. Just a couple life reflectors.

The Kenny Chesney makes me miss the old days. Miss the days of drinking with my friends on a random Wednesday, or staying up till 3AM talking with Smitty just cuz we happened to be up, or eating free pizza at Bucks on Tuesday nights. Back when every weekend was just "Let's all get together" and we all knew who that was. When a home equity loan was a laughable thought, and nobody talked about investments cuz we were all as broke as the next. I take a long time to get comfortable, and just when I was comfortable with life in Fargo and college, everything ended. Anyways...

The other song is just one of those "live a good life cuz you never know" songs about a young guy that gets a terminal illness...but it sure makes me feel inside...one of my indicators for a song I like. "I was finally the husband that most of the time I wasn't, and I was the kind of friend a friend would like to have."

There you go...I leave for Canada tomorrow. I'll catch a walleye for you. And most likely drink a beer for you and your whole family too. :-)

Thursday, April 15, 2004
Well we closed today on our house. That is quite the experience. Like 8 people in a room chatting about fishing while you sign 8,000 forms you sort of understand and then give someone you've never met a cashiers check for a ridiculous amount of money.

But, it's all over, and so far today I bought a Toro Recycler Mower, a big garbage can, and a rake. We are heading over to do some serious carpet cleaning today.

This weekend is a pharmacy conference in St. Cloud for hospital pharmacists...lots of good speakers and education sessions, should be interesting.

If you have new homeowner tips, I would be happy to hear them!

Enjoy the nice Minnesota Weather.

Friday, March 26, 2004
We went to look at our house again today. It is still nice, but we noticed a lot we want to do to it. It's gonna be a lotta work at first I think, but we are both really excited.

I hit golf balls today, as one of the courses in town opened their range. Hitting on grass for the first time each year after hitting for months on mats (I hate mats) is always a challenge...I usually take up lots of dirt and get grass in my contacts. It was ugly, but I improved from start to finish.

Then I was driving home and saw my boss in his driveway washing his cherry 1972 corvette. So he let me take it for a spin. Damn.

Now I am drinking a Labatt's Blue and reading a book on the mental aspects of golf. Then Chicken Kiev and wine.

All in all it was a splendid day.

Thursday, March 25, 2004
I hate fucking idiot conservatives so much I could vomit. "Praise the Lord, those 2 men who love each other can't marry and have the same rights as us!!! This is just the way God would have wanted it!!"

This bill will pass. And minnesota will continue to ban gay marriage, because people who vote are old and stupid.

This is why I have so much resistance to church. I am a Christian, but I hate intolerance.

Anyways...just my opinion.

Wednesday, March 24, 2004
So I went to the gopher's womens basketball game yesterday. Man. What a riot. That was the most fun I've had at a sporting event in a long time. I've never been much for women's sports, not that I don't respect their talent, it just never really occurred to me to go. But this was amazing. Granted this was the NCAA tournament, but these girls played with more energy and heart than any boys/men I have ever watched. I have a newly found respect for them. I think I will go to some games next year. And 13,000 at williams was deafening...really. Watching the gophers at half court after their victory absorbing the 13,000 screaming fans was pretty intense, lots of emotion...nobody's playing for the NBA...they're playing for pride....and that means something in 2004.

Stacy is doing the Breast Cancer 3-Day walk in September. You will all be bothered at some point for a donation, so get ready :-). She's already training. I'm proud of her.

God I am excited to get into our house. Moving day is April 24th...if anyone wants to help you will be rewarded with free beer and lots of appreciation.

Joined Saint Cloud Country Club. I am really excited...golf on a private course with no fighting for tee times. I'm planning on playing a ton (4-5 times/wk). Lessons will be happening mid-april, so watch out Tiger Woods, Pudster is on his way.

Jer and Crat, my truck still smells like stogies, although I have febreezed it. Stacy drove it yesterday and asked me if I started smoking. I said no.

That's it.

Tuesday, February 10, 2004
I have recieved my monthly (or bi-monthly) "update your fucking web page" e-mail from Jer..so here goes.

First and foremost. Stac and I have purchased a home here in wonderful Saint Cloud. I doubt you could get Stacy to say it is wonderful, but it IS Saint Cloud, the land of cheap real estate. The house is 3 years old. Is on a wooded lot, has a maintenence free deck, 3 stall heated garage, and ceramic tile in the bathrooms. Oh, and surround sound wired in the ceiling. We are happy. We close April 15th. We are planning a "Bring Us A Bottle" Housewarming party this summer so you can all stock up our new bar.

Taxes are done thanks to Taxact.com...of which I truly approve. I have never e-filed before, but it did totally rule...we had our refund in like 3 days. Cost me $7.95.

I think my next big boy toy may be to put a new motor on that boat of my grandpa's...maybe a 90 horse..that way we could pull people skiing and stuff....we'll see what grandpa says.

I am sad that NFL is over, but February brings Daytona 500 and NASCAR baby! Sad news is that my man Jeff Burton lost his sponsor (Citgo). Maybe Crat's web development company wants to throw down $15 million to sponsor him. They have a new points system where the last 10 races of the year is like a "playoff". Should be lots of fun, I am looking forward to it.

Golf season is also just around the corner, I think I will be joining Fairways Golf Club this year...I plan on getting my handicap down to single digits this year...for real.

So it sounds like John Kerry will be the man this fall. GWB's tax cuts helped Stac and I a ton this year, but I just can't bring myself to vote for him. I disagree with his "supplement the drug companies and insurance companies" health care policy. And I disagree with trickle down reaganomics. But I just don't know about Kerry. Part of me loves Howard Dean...he seems like the only guy who doesn't stop to put together the "PC" answer...he just says what he feels, and he sticks to his guns. But I guess so did Jesse Ventura. Kerry hasn't really told me a whole lot about what he's gonna do yet...just what Bush did wrong and how he's gonna restore the faith in America. I guess we'll see.

Back to work in the morning...nite.